• Design is not
    just what it looks like
    and feels like.

    Design is how it works.

    – Steve Job, 1955-2011

    Steve Jobs

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Brand Design & Creative

Design solves problems. It’s all about the process of taking an idea or message that seems scattered, and making it communicate effectively.

At Grand we’ve been creating graphic designs, corporate identities and integrating elements into multi-media campaigns with passion and commitment since 1996. Working as a team of specialists we always value quality over quantity, while catering to the needs of our clients.

Our belief is that focus beats diversity. Because the right design focus sets the single tone for all user engagements, it heralds a unified impression and endeavours to make your brand desirable and unique.

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Our agency capabilities…

Brand Identity, Logo Design
Art Direction
Campaign Creative
Marketing Collateral
Creative Copywriting

Website Design
Website Programming
Website Gamification!
TV, Video & Animation
Print Production